A History of the
ACS Portland Section
Student Scholarships

1968 - Our Executive Committee decided that each year the Section should recognize outstanding junior chemistry majors resident in the local area, and attending colleges and universities within the area of the Portland Section by scholarship awards to support their senior year studies at these institutions.  Pre-medical students were explicitly excluded from Scholarship consideration.  Scholarship candidacy is established by chemistry department nomination, and evaluated by the Section's Scholarship Committee. The first scholarship was awarded to Loren Brown of the University of Portland. This $500 scholarship, the Sherman Schaffer Award (SSA), was named after Sherman Schaffer, an ACS National Office functionary who was instrumental in helping Harold Zeh, Father James Anderson, Dick van Santen, and other Portland chemists to realize their dream of establishing an ACS local Section in the Portland area. This dream had been realized in 1961.
1971 - An additional scholarship, the Portland Section Award (PSA), was established. The two scholarships each amounted to $750.
1977 - The name of the PSA was changed to the Harold Zeh Award (HZA).
1985 - The name of the SSA was changed to the James Anderson Award (JAA).
1988 - A third Section scholarship, the Dick van Santen Award (DVSA), was established fully endowed by an exceedingly generous gift to the Section from its namesake.
1990-present - Generous donations to the endowment for the Harold Zeh Award came from the following Section members, former Scholarship winners and companies (THANK YOU!):

Jeff Altig
Herman Amberg
Robert Anholt (SSA '78)
Anonymous (1)
Bernadine Bonn (SSA '78)
Rod Christiansen
Keith Claycomb
Tom Dunne
Jeff Fahey
Eugene Farley
Jim Ferguson
Ron Giuntoli
Floyd Hand
Deborah Hankins (PSA '72)
Richard Hutchens
Maxine Hutchin
Kenneth Klarquist
Lionel Livermore
Raymond Lutz
Solomon Marmor
Mollie Miles
Thomas Miles
Mount Hood Chemical
Oliver D. Olson
Dave Pearson
Bill Peslak
Pfizer, Inc.
Norman Rose
Nigel Sanders (PSA '73)
Chet Schink
Ken Schriver (HZA '84)
Audrey Sinner
Gordon B. Skinner
Elaine Spencer
Loren Studer
Paul Sunset
Bill Thoma
Storrs Waterman
W. Kelly Woods
Robin Terjeson
Allyn Rieke
Daniel Schafer
Minerals Technologies, Inc.
Evan T. Williams
Steven A. Ullrich
Thomas O. Munson
Daniel P. Gerrity
Marshall Cronyn
Gary Gard
Dale Braden
Brian Cone
Neal Cox
Martha Dibblee
Arleigh Dodson
Maggie Geselbracht
Rusty Garrison
Arthur Glasfeld
Lumas Helaire
Angela Hoffman
Megan Lerchen (HZA '85)
Jim Manual
Pat McDougal
Bill Randall
Alan Shusterman
Hal Smith
Joe Shields
Phyllis Zeh
Bill Stein

You can help us increase the endowments for the Awards by sending a tax-deductible donation check made out to "ACS Portland Section".  The ACS Portland Section is a 501.c(3) nonprofit organization.  Please send this check to:

ACS Portland Section
PO Box 1741
Portland, OR 97207-1741