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NOTICE TO MEMBERS WHO UNSUBSCRIBED FROM PORTLAND SECTION EMAIL: Meeting notice postcards will no longer be mailed to unsubscribed email Members. If Members wish to reinstate email or continue receiving postcards, please email martha@acsportland.org or mail a note to:

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Dinner reservations for the next ACS Portland section meeting (click the Calendar link above for meeting details) may be made online or by calling 503-912-4360. 

NORM 2019:  The Portland Section will be hosting NORM 2019 (the Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society) June 16-19, 2019. Website: norm2019.org

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Tracey Scherban's article in C&E News about the Women in Science Student Summit

Geraldine Richmond of the University of Oregon has won the 2018 Linus Pauling Medal.  The award symposium will be held November 17 at the Bothell campus of the University of Washington.

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