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Thu. 3/8 8:00 PM ACS Meeting Dr. Elena Nilsen, US Geological Service, Vancouver "Emerging and Legacy Contaminants in Environmental Media and the Foodweb in the Lower Columbia River – USGS ConHab Project." Social time from 6:00 to 6:45 Dinner from 6:45 to 8:00 Speaker f... more
Thu. 4/12 8:00 PM ACS Meeting Dr. Cynthia Cooper, Washington State University, Vancouver Campus "Modeling Human Pigmentation with Zebrafish Stripes" Plus presentation of Portland ACS Section Student Scholarships, and NWSE student posters. Schedule: 6:00-6:45 Social hour with... more
Thu. 5/10 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Dr. Carl Wamser, Portland State University "Artificial Photosynthesis: Solar Energy Conversion Using Organic Materials" Location: Room 247, Science Building 2, Portland State University You may park in Parking Structure 3, which is on 12th St at... more
Thu. 9/20 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Dr. Tami Lasseter Clare, Portland State University "Chemistry in Art Conservation" Portland State University Science Research and Technology Center (SRTC), Room 247 You may park for FREE after 7 pm in Parking Structure 3 on the PSU campus. Befor... more
Thu. 10/11 6:00 PM ACS Meeting Tour of Widmer Brewery Dinner at Widmer Brewery Gasthaus For directions, go to the Widmer website and click on Directions There is a tour limit of 50 people. To make reservations please use our online reservation form by the deadline of Sunday ev... more
Thu. 11/8 7:45 PM ACS Meeting David Kenney, President and Executive Director, Oregon BEST "Oregon's Clean Technology Opportunity" Buckley Center, Room 163 University of Portland campus map Parking in the main lot behind the Pilot House. There will be a social hour from 6 to... more
Thu. 12/13 6:30 PM ACS Meeting

Tour: Vernier Software and Technology

13979 Southwest Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR

Thu. 1/17 6:15 PM ACS Meeting

Tour: FEI (makers of electron microscopes)

5350 NE Dawson Creek Drive

Hillsboro, Oregon

Dinner at the nearby McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

Thu. 2/21 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Prof. Greta Binford, Lewis and Clark College "How the brown recluse got its bite: the evolution of venom composition in Haplogyne spiders" Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus 12000 Southwest 49th Avenue, Portland, OR 97219 College... more
Thu. 3/14 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Skip Rung, President and Executive Director, Oregon Nano and Microtechnology Institute "From Technology Push to Market Pull: Commercializing Nanoscience and Microtechnology Research in Oregon" Location: Vollum Center Lounge, Reed College Social H... more
Thu. 4/11 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Dr. Niles Lehman, Portland State University "Chemistry Behind the Origins of Life" Location: University of Portland, Buckley Center 163 Plus NWSE posters and ACS student scholarship awards Social hour begins at 6:00 pm Buffet Dinner at 6:45 p... more
Thu. 5/9 7:45 PM ACS Meeting

Speaker: Rick Watkins, Director of IHM Polymers R&D at Nike

"Nike Air: A Sustainability Story"

Also ACS Service Awards

Location: Vollum Center Lounge, Reed College

Buffet Dinner at 6:45, reservations required

Thu. 9/19 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Dr. Michael Riscoe, Veterans Hospital, OHSU Title: "Mining the Antimalarial Lost and Found for Leads to Drugs to Treat Malaria" Place: Buckley Center 163, University of Portland 6:00 pm Social hour 6:45 pm Buffet dinner (reservations required)... more
Thu. 10/17 7:30 PM ACS Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Lisbeth Goddik, Oregon State University

Title: "The Wonderful World of Cheese"

Location: Xerox Corporation auditorium, Wilsonville, OR

Driving directions

Thu. 11/14 8:00 PM ACS Meeting Speaker: Prof. Aslam Khalil, Portland State University Title: "Climate Change: Why Can't We Decide What To Do?" Plus: Tracey Scherban, Portland Community College, Climate Science Challenge Grant Projects Location: Vollum Center Lounge, Reed Colle... more
Thu. 12/12 6:00 PM ACS Meeting Tour: Lacamas Laboratories (map) 3625 N Suttle Rd, Portland, OR 97217 Lacamas Labs is the first building on the right after you turn onto Suttle Road. There is no sign on the building to identify it. No-host dinner following tour at Stanford's Re... more
Thu. 1/16 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Speaker: Prof. Jack Ferracane, Oregon Health Sciences University Title: "Resin Composite–State of the Art" Place: Vollum Center Lounge, Reed College 6:00-6:45 Social hour, during which Project SEED students will present their posters 6:45-... more
Thu. 2/13 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Speaker: Prof. Jim Hutchinson, University of Oregon (abstract and bio) Title: "Greener Nanoscience: Advancing Sustainable Solutions Through Molecular-Level Design" Schedule: 6:00 - 6:45 Social hour 6:45 - 7:45 Buffet Dinner (reservations requ... more
Thu. 3/13 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Speaker: Prof. Jeffrey P. Youngblood, Purdue University Title: "Nano- / Bio- Is Not an Either/Or Choice for Sustainable Materials" Abstract and Bio Schedule: 6:00 - 6:45 Social Hour 6:45 - 7:45 Dinner (reservations required) 7:45 - 8:45 Spea... more
Thu. 4/10 7:45 PM ACS Meeting Speaker: Douglas C. Elliott, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Title: "Conversion of Algal Biomass to Liquid Fuels by Hydrothermal Processing in Continuous-Flow Reactors" Abstract and Bio Schedule 6:00 - 6:45 Social Hour 6:45 - 7:45 Dinner... more
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